Scandinavian Weavers Retrospective – Lisa Torvik

Lisa Torvik grew up with lots of yarn and skilled teachers surrounding her.  She characterizes herself as a perennial knitter and lapsed weaver, trying to get back to her loom and all those boxes of potential projects.

Bunad forklede (an apron for her bunad from Røbøle Farm, Øystre Slidre, Valdres)
Ringvend (rosepath)
Cotton warp, wool weft

Åkle (A half-width copy of a copy by Kari Sand Nikolaisen of a threadbare Nordhordalands åkle in Kunstindustrimuseum, Oslo)
Åklesmett (squareweave tapestry)
Linen warp, Norwegian spelsau wool weft

Plain weave
Wool warp and weft