RED – Judy Larson

“Rolokan Reds.” 30″ x 29″ Cotton warp, cotton weft.  Rolokan.

Judy used a variety of red quilting cotton prints in a rolokan (Swedish tapestry) technique, spacing out the “flames” with tabby stripes.  At a distance, the sharp edges of the flame-like image is graphic and bold.  It’s worth a close look, too, where the patterns in the fabric strips look unusually dizzying.



RED – Lisa Torvik

“Transparent Tapestry #2 – Friends” 17″ x 13″ Linen and refleksgarn (reflective yarn).  Transparency Technique

This is part of a planned series of four transparent tapestries featuring a Scandinavian reflective yarn.



RED – Lisa-Anne Bauch

Hraun. (Lava) 11.5″ x 7″  Technique: Boundweave. Materials: Cotton warp, wool weft, wood button.


Inspired by lava!



RED – Claire Most

Theme and Variation. 27″ x 45″ Double-binding technique. Cotton warp and cotton fabric weft.



RED – Marilyn Moore

Swedish Dishtowels.  Cottolin.  Plain weave with embroidery.  17″ x 26″

FullSizeRenderMarilyn used red and natural cottolin for a set of six dishtowels. She wove them in plain weave, with a log cabin effect created by the two colors intersecting in the corners.  The Swedish heart was an appropriate addition, as they were given as gifts to friends on Valentines Day.



RED – Melba Granlund

Julefest.  11.25″ x 25″  Krokbragd.  Cotton warp, Rauma wool weft

Melba chose to weave her red krokbragd for a couple of reasons.  The colors seemed appropriate to the holiday season when she began.  It represents all the colors and joyfulness of the Christmas season — the greens of Christmas trees, the reds and golds of Christmas decorations on the trees, and the pure white snow represented by snow angels against a red background in one of the motifs.  In the krokbragd technique, the threads are also treadled repeatedly as 1-2-3, which could represent the Trinity coming to life in the birth of baby Jesus.

But the other reason, “the real reason,” was that she wanted to see if she remember what Jan Mostrom taught her in a krokbragd class five years earlier.  (Clearly, it all came back!)



RED – Karin Anderson Maahs

Anderson Berry Farm, Bay City, Wisconsin  6-1/2″ x 7″ Tapestry.  Cotton warp, wool weft.


“Experimentation in Red” 41″ x 21.5″ Cotton warp and felted wool fabric strip weft.  Plain weave.


Karin’s red wool strips for this rug were part of a trove of felted wool purchased by her friend.


RED – Robbie LaFleur

“So Lucky”  (dimensions) Plain weave, rya. Cotton warp, wool weft.

“So Lucky” refers to the Norwegian symbol of luck and happiness.  Read more about the weaving at An Eight-Pointed Star in Rya.




RED – Corwyn Knutson

“Norwegian Cherry Tree”  31″ x 33″ Rya.  Linen warp and wool weft.

Corky was on a driving trip in Norway, from Aurland to Bodø. Traveling through Hardanger on just the right spring day, he was inspired by hills that were brilliant with the bright pink flowers of cherry trees.


RED – Mary Skoy

“Christmas Runner” 10″ x 44″ linen of various weights. Double weave

Mary’s goal since she started weaving in the early 70s has been to weave household textiles, to use and display functional and decorative pieces she weaves. Scandinavian textiles are her inspiration: contemporary functional weaving seen in shops, those seen in use in the homes of family in Norway; and historical pieces in museums.

Mary wove this narrow red runner for Christmas holiday use. It just fits on the top of her piano. And it’s RED, her favorite color.