About the Study Group

The Scandinavian Weavers Study Group of the Minnesota Weavers Guild meets each month from September-May, generally on the third Sunday of the month, at the Weaver’s Guild.

This blog is for posting news from the meetings and other information of interest to the members and other interested readers.

For more information contact Robbie LaFleur, lafleur1801 (at) me.com.

3 Responses to About the Study Group

  1. Joan says:

    Your weaving is just beautiful. I enjoyed looking through many of your photos and posts.
    I’m a member of the Sacramento Weavers and Spinners Guild in California, and have been weaving for 14 years. I am working up my courage to do a boundweave, but would prefer a kit to start.
    Do you, or any of your members, know where I can buy one? I have searched online, but so far have not found anything.
    Joan van Velsor

    • Robbie LaFleur says:

      Hi Joan, I don’t know of a kit to purchase, but will let you know if my weaving friends know of one. If you use Facebook, I highly recommend joining the “weaving Krokbragd” group. There are a wealth of documents available, and lots of inspiration from both beginning and experienced weavers.

  2. Tessie Smith says:

    Can I be a member even if I can’t attend any meetings? I live in western Minnesota, but am interested in Scandinavian weaving.

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