Cottolin Makes a Satisfying Background for Monksbelt

This is a monksbelt piece woven by Jan Mostrom woven entirely in cottolin – warp, background weft, and pattern weft.  The sett is 24 epi.  Jan suggested that for someone completely new to the technique, using cottolin can be satisfying.  “It’s more fogiving than linen,” she noted.  With the cottolin warp and weft you could also use prydvev yarn (a thinnish Norwegian wool yarn) for the pattern.

Monksbelt examples – The Good and the Bad

Syvilla Bolson brought along some monksbelt samples; it’s so instructional to see swatches.  The first was an example of what had NOT worked well when she was sampling.  The pink and white linen floats in the pattern weave of the first piece were a bit too long, proportionately.  The look a bit draggy and limp.  On the other hand, the very precise, short floats on the all-wool blue piece were perfect in proportion.  The fine wool was lovely; Syvilla thought it might have been Maypole yarn.  The unexpected color combination is also lovely, a deep rose tone with a slight heathery cast on blue.