Timeless Tradition

The Timeless Tradition show up at the Unitarian Society looks great.  The textiles look wonderful against the brick walls.  I stopped in to take photos on the first Sunday after the show was hung; several people were around following the morning service.  They were so appreciative!  A man said to me, “I suppose you’re going to try to do that now!” – a friendly comment meant to convey how it would be amazing  that anyone could create such pieces.  “Oh, I have,”  I replied, “A couple of my pieces are here.”  Other people came up to me and thanked me.  Most pieces line two brick walls of the narthex area.  Nancy Ellingson’s “Three Billy Goats Gruff” is at the far end, hanging over the guest book on a podium.  Much of the wool in the piece is from Nancy’s own sheep, including the unspun wool of the charming sheep’s bodies.  (More photos of Nancy’s farm and sheep can be found here.)

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Weaving in Minnesota, when I can!

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