Scandinavian Weavers Show and Tell – 1/16/2011

Veronna Capone’s Danskbragd

Melba Granlund’s Krokbragd

Judy Larson

Our January monthly meeting was an ideal time to share recent weavings and talk about weaving resolutions and hopes for 2011.  Both Melba Granlund and Veronna Capone took Jan Mostrom’s krokbragd class in the fall.  Their pieces were great examples of how each weaver brings her own interests, color sense, and creativity to a class that gave each student latitude for exploration.  Veronna was interested in mastering danskbragd, and her red piece was beautifully woven, with tiny, bright squares in diamond patterns and subtle color changes.  Danskbragd is time-consuming with the pick-up work – and consumes a lot of yarn too, Veronna noted.  Melba’s krokbragd piece was longer, in traditional-looking saturated medium red, green, and blue.  She said she learned why people are enamored by Norwegian yarn, with its hard, lustrous surface.  It’s a beautiful sampler of many krokbragd borders, tied together with color.

Judy Larson brought a wide rag rug, all from donated fabrics, in reds and beige, woven on a ten-foot Cranbrook loom.  “How do you even throw the shuttle?” one person asked.  She walks from side to side.  Sarah Williams brought some cotton baby blankets she has recently woven for sale.  The colors are great – bold and saturated.

Sarah Larson, Baby Blanket 2

Sarah Williams, Baby Blanket 1

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