Everything Under the (Midnight) Sun: Scandinavian Weavings

Nils-Aslak_Valkeapää_Beaivi,_Áhcázan_The_Sun,_My_FatherThe Scandinavian Weaving Study Group of the Minnesota Weavers Guild is mounting a new exhibition, Everything Under the (Midnight) Sun: Scandinavian Weavings, to be displayed in the Community Gallery of the Textile Center of Minnesota, from March 15 – May 4.  Information about the pieces and the weavers will be posted in the coming weeks.

Typically, the Study Group concentrates on a particular Scandinavian weaving technique for one or two years, culminating in an exhibit. Other times the group chose a theme on which to base a show, as in “Symbols, Myths, and Fairy Tales.” The 2013 display breaks from tradition. It gathers recent work by the weavers in a panorama of Scandinavian weaving techniques.

The  weavers represented have varying degrees of experience; some are new to the craft, others have woven for decades.  The looms used range from simple heddles with a backstrap to complex floor looms. The common theme is enthusiasm for traditional Scandinavian weaving techniques as a way to create contemporary textiles.

The show includes two tapestry pieces. One is based on a medieval Norwegian theme; the other uses similar techniques to depict a modern girl with a backpack, woven in hand-dyed yarns. Those familiar with Norwegian weaving will find pieces in familiar techniques; krokbragd, rutevev, skillbragd, and monk’s belt. Pieces are woven in cotton, fine linen, and wool, including hand-spun wool.  Sometimes traditional weave structures are used with unconventional materials, like fabric strips or pineapple bast.

All visitors will find inspiring weavings with “Everything Under the Midnight Sun” represented in the latest Scandinavian Weavers exhibit.

Contributors include Jane Connett, Keith Pierce, Patty Johnson, Judy Larson, Sharon Marquardt, Melba Granlund, Jan Mostrom, Nancy Ellison, Veronna Capone, Robyn Meadows, and Robbie LaFleur.

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