Judy Larson

Judy Larson has been weaving for ten years, and with the addition of an 8-shaft Glimakra in October, has managed to fill her living room with looms.  Patty Johnson said she dreamt Judy’s husband was sitting on a folding chair in the center of room, couches replaced with more looms.  “Not true – not yet!” Judy responded.  Still, Judy does manage to weave on several looms.  Overall, her favorite part of the weaving process is the discovery of color interactions when various weft yarns are used on the same warp.  “Even when I think I have planned it all out and have a prediction, I’m pleasantly surprised by the resulting combinations, so I like to put on a longer warp and do multiple projects in a variety of colors.”

Judy’s new Glimakra 8-harness loom is used for finer warps; she’s used it for several Monk’s Belt pieces.  Now it is set up for rep weave placemats. “The ease of weaving on it allows me to easily create intricate patterns.”  The ergonomics of warping the Glimakra convinced her to purchase the loom.


A sturdy Fairloom rug loom from Sears shares her living room space.  She bought the used loom three years ago because it has a stronger “box” construction to weave rag rugs. With a huge stash of fabric, Judy will work on rugs for years, and enjoy surprising color interactions when weaving with a variety of fabrics.  She enjoys having two looms easily at hand.  “It is nice to have the options to choose each night if I want to do delicate patterns, or weave away some frustrations from the day with some good hard beats!”


Judy’s Monk’s Belt rug in the exhibit was woven on the Fairloom.  She was curious to see how fabric would work instead of the usual yarns, so she wove four rugs.  The navy plaid, with a sparkle of gold, was her favorite because it had the most subtle overall effect.


Her Monk’s Belt runner is the opposite of subtle – a bright and festive Christmas runner.  It was made on the Glimakra with 3/2 pearl cotton.


Judy can often be found at Patty Johnson’s shop, Color Crossing, where she uses more looms.  She warps an eight-foot Cranbrook loom for room-sized rugs. Her next rug will use a linen warp and wool weft in a shaft switching technique. It will grace her newest grandson’s room.  She also uses a 60-inch twelve-shaft Finnish Toika in the studio at the shop.

Wait!  There’s more! Judy also still has her first loom, a four shaft LeClerc.  Are there enough hours in the day?

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