Some Tapestry in the RED Exhibit

Three of the pieces in the Scandinavian Weavers’ RED Exhibit at the Textile Center of Minnesota are tapestries. Each one depicts an image close to the heart of the weaver.

Karin Maahs’ weaving, “Anderson Berry Farm, Bay City, Wisconsin,” features a red barn.  Unseen are the mountains of red strawberries Karin picked over the years, while her mother ran a berry farm on the property.  Although she based her tapestry on a photograph, she knows each hill, tree, and curve of the stream with her eyes closed.


Nancy Ellison wove a red landmark, too: the covered bridge in Zumbrota, Minnesota, just miles from her farm. It’s the only remaining original covered bridge in Minnesota, so it’s a building in the memories of many Minnesotans.  The wool includes handspun yarn from Nancy’s sheep, so both the bridge and its image are grounded in southern Minnesota.


The third tapestry is Jan Mostrom’s homage to a now departed friend: noted weaver and weaving teacher, Syvilla Bolson.  Appropriately, Syvilla is even wearing a Norwegian sweater, and the background with crosses is reminiscent of medieval Norwegian tapestries.


Join the Scandinavian Weavers for an opening reception for the show at the Textile Center on Thursday, May 12, from 6-8.  It will be a busy night!  Three other exhibits are opening that day as well, and the Weavers Guild is sponsoring a meeting and talk by workshop artist Susan Wilson at 7pm.


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