RED – Connie LaTendresse

Checkered Pillow.  18″ x 18″  Linen, poppana fabric strips.


IMG_4777Connie’s checkered pillow is one of a pair woven in a beautiful design from the book Scandinavian Weaving by Tina Ignell.  She ordered red and navy popanna, a bias-cut cotton fabric, from WEBS and the seine twine from Vavstuga. The weaving went incredibly fast and looked just like the photograph in the book, but when she took it off the loom, she just didn’t really like it or know what to do with it. It languished in a closet.  When the Scandinavian Weavers group began its focus on red, she took it to the fabric store and found the perfect backing to complement both colors.  Sometimes a weaving just has to wait for the right moment to be the perfect something.  The checkerboard pattern works especially well  as a pillow, as the curved edges of the pillowtop give an “op art” effect to the small squares.

About Robbie LaFleur
Weaving in Minnesota, when I can!

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