Starting on the group Skilbragd Project

Our Scandinavian Weavers Study Group is working on Norwegian skilbragd; we began warping a loom at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota yesterday.

Lisa Torvik, our leader in this project, was inspired by a pattern for a group project undertaken by the Gol Husflidsslag in Norway.  See the Skillbragdåkle fra Gol here.


Inspiration coverlet from Gol, Norway

She took elements of the wider piece and narrowed the pattern to runner-width. Lisa didn’t use weaving software to make her draft; she’s a whiz with spreadsheets and used Excel to make the draft and treading variants.


Lisa Torvik, Lisa Bauch, Phyllis Wagonner, and Robbie LaFleur met to warp the loom; Lisa Torvik had already wound the ten-yard warp of 16/2 linen.  Using a variety of print resources, including Lillemor Johansson’s book Damask and Opphämta, we figured out how to sett up the tabby heddles for the ground weave and the pattern heddles.  Beaming was a four person job! Lisa Torvik oversaw and “drove” the process from the front. As we worked, the linen had a wonderful hay-like scent.


Robbie turned the wheel, Lisa Bauch braced her legs against the back of the loom and held the warp tight as it was rolled on, and Phyllis inserted sticks to pad the warp on the back as it was beamed on.


Lisa had the tough job, as she had to keep hanging on to the the warp for dear life even as it was approaching the front beam, pulling her through the loom.


Many tricky warping steps remain.


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3 Responses to Starting on the group Skilbragd Project

  1. Debbie Striegel says:

    Oh my goodness. That is beautiful!!! I’ve only been weaving 6 years but love the Scandinavian weaves. Would love to be apart of a weavers guild where we could share and challenge. Indiana is a long way from Minnesota.

    • Robbie LaFleur says:

      This one is a challenge, to be sure! Thanks for your comment, and we are aware of how lucky we are to have such great friends, supporters, and sources of information and inspiration in our group.

  2. Jean Flores says:

    I think I’ve mentioned on Instagram… I’m SO JEALOUS!!! Can’t wait to see this woven! Became enamoured with Smalandsvav/Skilbragd at Vavstuga last Summer.

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