Skillbragd Weaving Continues…

The members of the Scandinavian Weavers Study Group are continuing their skillbragd samples, but many have been wound around before photos could be taken.  The cutting-off ceremony for this warp will be significant.

Karen Weiberg snapped a photo during her turn at the loom. Good work!


Here is the draft and treadling, thanks to Lisa Torvik. Here it is in a nice pdf document.

Revised Skillbragd Treadling #1


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Weaving in Minnesota, when I can!

3 Responses to Skillbragd Weaving Continues…

  1. Please, please, take some pictures of how the warp fits through the 2 shafts (normal and wide heddles) and how you hold up the shafts with the big rubber bands! I just can’t get it from my older book. If I could understand the set up I think the actual weaving would be easy. It just looks so fun! Thanks, Cindy

    • Robbie LaFleur says:

      Absolutely. I will do that today–take photos of our setup on the Glimakra at the Weavers Guild. We are using elastic bands. I have been told that bicycle inner tubes work even better, and just received several from two friends. I will make bundles and use them when I set up a skilbragd on my own loom this summer.

  2. Jayne Flanagan says:

    So the selvedge loops are not a technique exclusive to Telemarksteppe? What will happen to all the loops on this piece? I learned to weave skillbragd wrong side up to more easily manage the pattern thread turns. Which way up is traditional? Thanks, Jayne in Maine

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