More Weavers on the Monksbelt Warp

Deb Reagen traveled all the way from Grand Forks to take her turn at the loom.  She reported that she kept it easy by weaving a repeating design. The colors in this portion have a patriotic flavor–either American or Norwegian.

Sara Okern ( only wanted to take one day for her weaving, so she incorporated areas of plain weave to contrast with the monksbelt pattern.  The two shades of linen look particularly elegant.

We are making steady progress!

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Weaving in Minnesota, when I can!

2 Responses to More Weavers on the Monksbelt Warp

  1. Ann Parmalee says:

    I am a floor loom weaver living on Saint Simons Island GA, between Savannah GA and Jacksonville, FL. I belong to the Jekyll Island Weavers Guild and weave on a 4 shaft 6 treble Schacht baby wolf loom. I would love to come to your group but it’s a little far.

    Am fascinated with Scandinavian weaving, I have done one monk’s belt item from a weaving book. Otherwise I have no access to learning what your group accomplishes. Might there be a member I could exchange emails with, or online materials I might access? How wonderful that would be!

    Ann Parmalee

    • Robbie LaFleur says:

      We members of the Scandinavian Weavers Study Group know what a privilege it is to live in an area with so many people interested in Scandinavian weaving, and in sharing knowledge. We try to share a good bit of our experiences and projects via the blog. As far as other online materials, be sure to follow The Norwegian Textile Letter, Group projects, exhibition reviews, how-to articles, historical articles, and articles about artists have been published in the quarterly for 25 years. If you ever have questions about something we post, be sure to ask via the comments. We can probably find a member who is knowledgeable.

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