Monksbelt on the Wall at the Weavers Guild

Are you stopping by the Weavers Guild of Minnesota this summer?  You can see some of the monksbelt pieces woven by the Scandinavian Weavers Study Group members this spring up on the back gallery wall of the “Rug Room” (the room with the bigger looms). It’s possible to stand below them for a good look, but impossible to get a good overall shot because of the stacked-up looms right now.  So here are two very bad photos, looking to the left and looking to the right, with the center pieced repeated.

Left: Lisa Torvik. Top row: Mary Skoy (it’s hard to see, but that is a tray made of clear acrylic with the weaving in the base), Lisa Bauch. Bottom row: Jan Josifek, Susan Mancini

Top row: Lisa Anne Bauch, Robbie LaFleur, Judy Larson. Bottom row: Susan Mancini, Robbie LaFleur

One fun aspect of this small show is seeing how some of the pieces were finished to use as practical items.  Karin Knudsen, Operations Manager at the Weavers Guild, commented, “Cool.  It’s always nice to have ideas for your toolkit for using your weaving.”

Susan Mancini made a lovely small bag.  She wove her piece with that end game in mind, so the matching is meticulous. Mary Skoy put her piece in the base of an acrylic tray.  Jan Josifek made a pillow–see the pink bands on the piece that looks thick, ready for puffy stuffing? The other pieces, of course, make lovely runners.  The long runner made by Lisa Torvik is called “For My Mother’s Danish Dishes,” and I’m sure it looks lovely with them.

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